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6-day Yunnan ethnic minorities tour


Enjoy elegant scenery, discover Yunnan’s history and experience the region’s ethnic minorities’ unique customs on this tour that includes all the essential attractions in the three main tourist cities of Yunnan — Kunming, Dali and Lijiang.


Yunnan province is home to the country’s largest population of minority groups with 25 ethnic minority groups having more than 5,000 members, and 16 groups with indigenous histories (including Bai, Dai, Naxi, Hani, Lisu, Lahu, Wa, Jingpo, Bulang, Pumi, Achang, Nu, Jinuo, De’ang and Durung).


During these six days spent with a private guide, guests experience the fantastic Stone Forest, Kunming temples, local villages and homes, as well as Dali Ancient Town, where clear springs flow and local minority people live.


Lijiang Ancient Town showcases the best-preserved minority ancient city with most of the people living in the vicinity belonging to the Naxi tribe which still makes a living by crafting silver, leather, textiles and local snacks.


Other stops include visiting the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, a professional doctor who practises traditional Chinese medicine, and Baisha Murals. Painted hundreds of years ago, the Baisha Murals took about 300 years to complete. By appreciating these unique murals, one can learn about the cultures of central China, the Naxi Minority and Tibet, as well as the stories of Tibetan Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.


For more information, please request for a full itinerary here.

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