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6 Asian food blogs to follow


Food blogs have revolutionised and democratised the world of cooking. While foodies are travelling to new destinations, palates are expanding and the industry itself is becoming more diverse and inclusive, it’s also never been easier for a home chef to discover and try new techniques and cuisines.

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisines, or simply enjoy connecting with cultures through food, these six Asian food blogs are worth following.


She Simmers

Food writer and cookbook author Leela Punyaratabandhu shares home-style Thai recipes paired with detailed backgrounds, personals stories and beautiful photographs. While many people may just be familiar with popular dishes such as som tam or phad thai, she dives deep into the world of Thai home cooking sharing how to make local favourites, like different naam prik (chilli relishes), from scratch.


No Recipes

Marc Matsumoto is on a mission to show the world that Japanese food is about more than just sushi. His blog, No Recipes, has been around since 2007 and he focuses on showing amateur chefs of all backgrounds and skill-levels how to prepare amazing Japanese foods.

Since Marc himself never cooks with a recipe, hence the name of the blog, he aims to teach others how to do the same by educating his readers about important ingredients and proper technique.


Rasa Malaysia

Literally “Taste Malaysia”, Rasa Malaysia celebrates the vibrancy of Malaysian and other Southeast Asian cuisine. The recipes found on the site are as tasty as they are beautiful, and it’s easy to see why this blog has become so popular. Blog founder Bee has crafted more than 1200 original recipes. Try your hand at making standouts like her Malaysia lamb rendang, or prawn fritters.



Linh Nguyen’s blog is equal parts mouthwatering Vietnamese recipes and heartfelt love song to life in Hoi An. On a mission to share Vietnamese culture with the world, she often tells stories of trips to the local fresh market where she buys her ingredients or the traditions she and her family participate in during Tet, the Vietnamese lunar new year.


The Woks of Life

Run by a family of food enthusiasts, Bill, Judy, Sarah and Kaitlin started The Woks of Life as a way of connecting through food despite being located in far flung corners of the globe. Sharing authentic family recipes that have been passed down the generations, these bloggers also aren’t shy about experimenting and giving their recipes a modern, global twist. While you’ll love their recipes for Chinese classics like spicy beef noodle soup and Hainanese chicken rice, their creative twists to other classic cuisines, like Italian cacio e pepe done Sichuan-style with explosively spicy peppers, are also a highlight.


Ms Skinnyfat

A “fun sized girl with a huge appetite for life,” the Singapore-based blogger known only as “C” writes a deeply personal blog about her kitchen exploits and culinary escapades in the foodie capital of Singapore. Often wandering into topics such as nutrition, fitness and fashion, her writing is both entertaining and engaging. Reminding her readers that healthy eating isn’t just a habit, it’s a lifestyle, Ms Skinnyfat is a celebration of food and life.

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