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Pottery Making in Tissamaharama

Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka

Experience Sri Lanka's pottery heritage, and craft your own masterpiece with expert guidance.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

This experience will give you an insight to the artisanal industry of pottery, which is traditionally passed down from father to son. As there is not a lot of support commercially for this cottage industry, it has become a rare art form, which you get a chance to see and experience. You will meet your pottery expert from the Tissa village who will show you the art of shaping clay into objects. Please feel free to make your own masterpiece carefully guided by our expert sculptor.


Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • In this excursion, you'll witness a dying art form that is passed down from generation to generation.
  • Dice into the history and allure of the artisanal industry of pottery making.
  • Experience making your very own piece of art, with the guidance of master pottery makers.

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