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Sunset Cruise with Yacht


Twilight magic meets the Indian Ocean on this Maldivian Sunset Cruise.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

Embark on an enchanting Maldivian Sunset Cruise as day turns to twilight against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. Witness the mesmerizing sunset, and relax on a spacious vessel, sip tropical cocktails, and savour light snacks while the sea breeze — while gentle waves create a tranquil atmosphere. Whether for romance or escape, this cruise promises an unforgettable, serenity-filled experience that will stay with you long after the sun sets.


Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Experience the Yacht life and enjoy the music of the serene sea.
  • Sip cocktails, and munch on light snacks as you enjoy the sunset.
  • Beautiful views of the sun and the sea.

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