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Classic Highlights of Thailand

6-Day Roundtrip Package | Bangkok, Uthai Thani, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai

Lose yourself in Thailand's rich culture and traditions as you witness its monks, weavers, and craftsmen in this excursion.

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An Overview of Your Adventure

Day 1

Start your journey by making your way from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a rich history as the former Siamese capital. Explore the well-preserved city streets, visit a renowned drum-making village, discover the secrets of natural cosmetics production.

Day 2

Make food offerings for local monks and witness a traditional flag-raising ceremony. Throughout the day, you’ll journey through Thailand’s rich history at the Kamphaeng Phet historical park, indulge in aromatic “egg bananas,” and explore the beautifully preserved Sukhothai structures.

Day 3

On this day, you’ll discover the rich tradition of handwoven fabrics and immerse in the unique cultures of local tribes supported by Royal Projects. You’ll spend the night exploring the vibrant night market where you can test your haggling skills with the locals.

Day 4

Your morning starts as you make your way to Chiang Rai, with stops at Sulphur hot springs, a stunning White Temple art exhibit, and a visit to the Golden Triangle, where three countries and diverse cultures converge. You’ll even go on a longtail boat ride to explore the region’s rich history and heritage!

Day 5

For the last day of your adventure, you’d dive into the heart of one of the country’s oldest cities and witness ancient craftsmanship in Wat Sri Supan’s traditional silver-making district, before capping your day off, sunset watching atop the Doi Suthep Mountain, as dusk falls over Chiang Mai.

Day 6

The journey ends with a breakfast at your hotel, and you’ll find yourself homebound within the day.

Highlights of This Journey

A quick overview to make the most of your stay.

  • Learn the secrets of natural cosmetics production.
  • Haggle with locals at the bustling night market.
  • Watch the sun set over Chiang Mai from the Doi Suthep Mountain

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