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explore the architectural creations of geoffrey bawa in ceylon


The great architect Geoffrey Bawa is now considered one of Asia’s most important and influential architects of the 20th century. In 2001, he received the special chairman’s award in the eighth cycle of the Aga Khan Award for architecture confirming his international standing, and the title ‘Deshamanya’ in recognition by the government of Sri Lanka for his contributions to his country.


Erasing the boundaries between ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ for living and working spaces is a unique feature of Bawa’s architectural style. Wander inside any of his architectural masterpieces and it’s immediately evident the kind of appreciation he has for natural elements such as the sun, ocean breeze, verdant greenery and flowing water. He explored modernism and created a unique and recognisable style which most hotels and resorts adapt even to this day.


Taking the above factors into consideration, one can appreciate the flawless metamorphosis of the external environment that is brought to life in the internal constitution of these structures. Wide courtyards, shaded walkways and open verandahs feature heavily in his design. All these elements contributed to a unique architectural style – a legacy that will continue to influence, educate, and develop the creative minds of generations of Sri Lankan architects.


To learn more about the father of tropical modernism, journey on this intriguing, architecture-focused interesting programme capturing some of Bawa’s greatest masterpieces.


See complete details of the 6-Day Bawa Architectural Tour of Ceylon

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