Thomas Maurer

Co-owner and Vice Chairman

Thomas is a citizen of Thailand, Switzerland and Italy. He studied law and economics in Zurich and Berne that exposed him to a comprehensive range of legal concepts and principles. The knowledge and skills acquired were valuable in various professional settings in his career.

He also had a wide range of jobs as baker, barker, freight wagon loader, accountant, driver for a fashion show, lighting technician in operas, bricklayer, plumber, stock exchange settlement in a bank among others. It helped him to get familiar in various fast-paced physical business environments, appreciate teamwork to meet customer demands and develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills to identify discrepancies and resolve financial issues promptly.

He started to work in the travel business as a tour leader, guide and resident manager in all countries of Europe, USA, Mexico, Russia, China and Thailand. He lived in Thailand for 33 years where he handled and developed the business of Thomas Cook and other tour operators in Thailand and Asia for 25 years.