Stephan Roemer

Chief Executive Officer

Stephan is a Swiss native with a deep passion for travel and tourism. Fresh out of university with a degree in Finance and Accounting, he started his career with an apprenticeship in a local travel agency in Rapperswil. He worked his way up, and within a decade, became a member of its Executive Management Board, at only the age of 27 years.

His decades of experience in the tourism industry has sharpened his skills on strategic planning and innovative business development. Being a leader in the global travel industry since the 1980s, he is well-experienced in crisis management including repatriation missions, and in adjusting business strategies in war and conflict situations, airport closures, economic recessions, and global pandemics.

In 2018, Stephan was appointed CEO of the DTH Travel group. He believes in creating a work environment that welcomes diverse perspectives, and guides his teams with a delicate balance of mentorship and self-leadership among the multiple companies he manages in various parts of the world.