Aljoscha Benjamin Keller

Marketing & Sales Manager

Aljoscha graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management from the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons in Switzerland, after which he got involved in projects with players in the global tourism industry, including the UN World Travel Organization. His experience in marketing and product development, together with his global perspective and approach has put him on the path of turning his passion for travel into a career.

He joined DTH Travel Thailand in 2022, taking care of the company’s clients from the European and African Market. Having moved to the country during the pandemic, he made the most of the unique opportunity to explore the country from every side and angle. Since then, Aljoscha has fallen in love with Thailand’s people, culture, and cuisine. If he’s not creating another unforgettable experience for his clients, you might find him on one of the trains, on his way to explore a new corner of Thailand.